About the artist

Oleg Pyatin is a St. Petersburg landscape painter with 30 years of experience. Artistic skills manifested in him from an early age and improved until now. He honed his skills, looking at the work of famous masters and drawing independently at home. Today, Oleg travels a lot around Russia and the world in search of new subjects and interesting ideas for his works.

For many years, the work of the artist gained fame among connoisseurs and spread throughout the world. They can be found in China, USA, European countries, in the collection of famous Russian artists and athletes.

Most of the paintings written by Oleg created in the style of “realism”. All of them are painted with oil paints on canvas. In addition to the landscapes of nature, Oleg writes cityscapes, sea views and still lifes, and also works in the technique of light painting. His work has a unique atmosphere, and a variety of scenes will allow even the most captious buyer to find something to your taste.


How to buy a picture

To purchase a picture, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the options for Oleg Pyatin’s works in the “Painting” or “Light Painting” section. If you have any questions, call + 7921-775-4332 or email info@opgallery.ru   I will gladly answer you any questions.